About Us

BBS Builders:

The experience to tackle any residential construction, renovation, and remodeling project.
The expertise to do it better and more cost-efficiently than anyone else.

BBS Builders ConstructionSince 2002, we’ve been building our reputation as the area’s most experienced and expert home construction, renovation, and remodeling professionals. From new home construction to renovating and remodeling existing homes, we help clients create homes that not only reflect and enhance their lifestyles, but also help them save money on everyday household expenses, such as heating and cooling, utilities, and maintenance.

Call us old-fashioned, but we show up on time, ready to work on every project, regardless of size. Our crew is clean, professional, courteous, and attentive. We make the extra effort to respect our clients’ lifestyles and homes, minimizing our impact on them and leaving the work site as clean – or cleaner – than we found it. That’s why almost 100% of our new business comes from referrals and existing clients.

No project too large or small

While we have years of new home construction and renovation/remodeling experience, we realize that sometimes all that is required is someone to professionally repair or maintain an existing home. So we’re happy to handle all the projects and headaches that pop up when they’re least expected, no matter how large or small – broken windows, stuck doors, creaky floors, leaky roofs, and unsafe decks, to name a few.

If having someone else handle home maintenance and repair projects sounds good to you, check out our HandyMan Services.

The Deep Energy Retrofit experts

Some older homes waste as much as 70 percent of the energy they consume, adding hundreds of dollars to their annual household expenses. Advances in building design and materials have created a new concept in energy efficiency – Deep Energy Retrofit (DER).

BBS Builders is the area’s only experienced DER contractor specializing in super-insulating and sealing homes to radically improve their energy efficiency – sometimes as much as 90 percent efficient! By carefully analyzing, designing, and installing interior and exterior insulation, HVAC systems, utilities and moisture controls, we can substantially reduce your energy bills and increase the value and longevity of your home.

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